But how do you build Customer Wow Every Day?

I had the opportunity to present at @PIEPDX yesterday (thanks, Rick Turoczy and team!)

We talked about the Concept of Customer Wow and especially how businesses that are just starting out can think about the People, Processes, and Tools that they need to build sustainable, interesting, and valuable customer relationships. These slides are meant to be a jumping off point into discussion, and I thought they might provide insight into the journey an early-stage startup takes when thinking about customer development broadly (who’s my customer and how might I meet their needs?) and specifically (now that I know who my customer is, how do I keep that customer and make them happy?)

Thanks for taking a look at the slides!  (And a shout out to @grahammurphy for being the co-pilot and to @sukhjit for the great videography and pacing tips.)


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