10 Insights to Deliver Amazing Customer Service

Poor Customer Service is No Excuse. You Can Do Better.

Think of the last time you contacted a “Big Brand.” Did you feel appreciated, acknowledged or loved by their response? If so, that’s great! If not, then you probably had an average service experience. They can do better. And here’s a few tips that might help.

10 Great Tips – try them today.

  1. Poor Customer Service Kills Repeat Business
  2. Use Social Selling to Grow Your Business
  3. Give the Customer a Head Start
  4. Say Thank You, and Solve the Problem
  5. Customers Want Really Fast Service
  6. Customers Will Go to Another Company with Great Service if You Don’t Offer Great Service
  7. Protecting your Ego Might Cause Churn
  8. Deliver a Shareable WOW Experience
  9. Share the Solution to the Problem Broadly
  10. Partner with Front-Line Employees to Solve Problems

What’s missing from this list? Feel free to chime in and add your favorite customer service tip that helps turn customer strategy into actions that you can do today to make the customer experience better for your customers.


2 thoughts on “10 Insights to Deliver Amazing Customer Service

Add yours

  1. Thanks Greg. I think #10 is my favorite since 1) it happens so rarely and 2) it yields such HUGE results.

    I have three to add…

    11. Apologize when you or your company has messed up or inconvenienced the customer – Just because the customer isn’t frothing at the mouth or yelling at you does NOT mean they are OK with what has happened. They are being polite. While this is just commonsense, I am amazed at how rarely customer service people apologize. So much of the antagonism they experience from customers could be avoided and the tension defused if they simply used old-fashioned courtesy and apologized.

    12. No amount of friendliness can overcome a lack of functional excellence–This is based on something Diana Oreck of Ritz Carlton said recently that I loved. She was talking about how functional excellence is the foundation of great service. It reminded me of how a colleauge of mine was asked to do “how to deal with difficult customers” training. When the client showed him emails of their “difficult customers” it was clear that the issue was the client’s incredibly sloppy and customer-unfriendly processes that would make anyone irate.They didn’t need yet another customer service program (well…maybe they did, but it wouldn’t solve the problem they were having)….they needed to upgrade their processes.

    13. Make sure you have Internal Customer Service that makes excellent External Customer Service possible–I see a lot of businesses that have an “It’s all about me” or “Now what do you want?” ethos that makes it hard for customer-facing employees to deliver great service.

    David Lee

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