Can Customer Service be Customized?

Joseph Pine, in this 2004 Ted Talk on what customers want, discusses the progression of economic value from commodity > service > customized service.  He talks about how man-made services are both “authentic” (real, experienced experiences) and “manufactured” (created with the purpose of evoking a thought or meaning or value.”

Is “authenticity” something that can be manufactured, especially in the areas of service that people see, feel, hear and touch?  Pine says yes.  He says that the whole point of the Experience Economy is to render authenticity, “to get the customer to perceive your offerings as authentic.”

Do you think that Pine is being bombastic just to make a point, or do you think that he’s actually right — that some of the experiences that we feel are most “true” are in fact manufactured by companies to make us feel that way?  It’s a great debate and a great video — take a look.

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