Building a Better Customer Experience

Since I started my current role as a Customer Experience Manager in October 2008, many people have asked me “what’s customer experience and how do you deliver it?” Aside from cheeky remarks like “I ensure customer delight”, I didn’t have a good answer.

So I wrote this presentation to help answer the question:

I’d love to get your feedback, to hear whether you agree with me or not, and to hear any suggestions for improving the customer experience.

See New York City like you haven’t seen it before

If you want to see New York, you need to see it from the Empire State Building. I recently took a tour and viewed the city from the observatory on the 78th floor.

Yes, it’s overpriced. Yes, the whole experience was a bit cliched and felt something like Disneyland. Yes, it was crowded and no one knew exactly why they were there.

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Why I love working in Seattle

Pioneer square

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Working in the city of Seattle in the Pioneer Square area is a bit gritty. It’s nothing like gliding to work in the gleaming eastside office towers of Bellevue, pulling into the parking garage, and going up 16 floors of a LEED certified building. Instead, it’s a bus ride filled with people of all walks of life, a walk from the bus stop through a vibrant area of the city, and a reminder that a 100 year old building can be useful again in a web 2.0 (3.0?) world. It’s a bit of a romantic notion, and I love it.

Cities have been around for thousands of years because there is a certain critical mass required by (and inspired by) trade, commerce, and people. Even in the age of the Internet, it’s a great reminder to walk around in the downtown core of a city and see that location does matter. You can surf the internet from anywhere, but you can’t always walk around the corner and find a great restaurant or a place to hang out or see people who aren’t just like you alongside people who might be just like you.

I love the city, even when it’s a bit grungy and smelly. Pioneer Square reminds me that the industrial core of Seattle has come back to life with the information industry of the 21st century, and I’m glad to be a part of that (it also helps on the days when it’s sunny.) Working in other parts of the city might have been an easier commute, but now I feel like I’m part of the neighborhood.

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