Information musings

  • What is Data Operations and why should I care?

    How do you define the world of Data Operations or more broadly, the importance of data in a revenue organization? Most people start by looking at the data points itself (e.g. data quality), then the coordination of data between teams (e.g. data compliance and governance) and don’t always mention what I think is a key element: the motion……

  • Every data picture tells a story

    Recently, an image about data went viral on Linkedin. This grouping of LEGOs, organized by Mónica Rosales Ascencio, uses these colorful bricks to remind us that data itself is not all that useful until we explain it. That Lego meme has been going around as a way to explain why data or story alone do not tell……

  • A modest proposal for Slack Overload

    How do you keep up with these Slack communities that are out there? For many of us, opening Slack creates an overwhelming feeling of “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out). When all of the channels light up with notifications, you collapse the channel view, mute the channel, or just close Slack altogether. But wait! You’re missing……

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