Have you sent a thank you note lately?

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When was the last time you sent a physical thank you note? And how about the last time you received one of these notes? Taking the time to write a note by hand is really worth it, even if you don’t know how it’s worth it yet.

Sending a note is a sign that you care. When you take the moment to reach out to customers you start building their trust and give them a touch point to reach a real person. Being able to call you really matters.

Another way you can get closer to your customers is to use your product as much as possible. Product managers and devs may jokingly call this activity “eat your own dog food” or “drink your own champagne”. It means putting yourself in the place of the customer and feeling how delighted they are (or frustrated) to use the solution your team built.

And then when things don’t go right those customers need an easy way to contact you. You might provide off-hours support by email, pager, or smoke signal. But the best way (still) is a plain old phone number, staffed by a real person who takes interest in the customer. When you listen, pay attention, and call back, good things happen – even when there may have been problems with the service delivery.

So spend more time talking to, and thanking your customers. Use your own product and make sure you know where it shines and where it has warts. And staff a phone line with a real person who cares to make the process better when things don’t work out or when they’re just confusing.
You can find 47 other ways to improve the customer experience here.


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  1. Interesting. I don’t have user addresses, but it may be cool to ask for one simply to say you want to send a small token of appreciation.

    As a side note, I’ve always thought that some sort of social thank you app could be cool. It could be built into FB or something, but a widely used thank you app would most likely increase the happiness of the world.

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