Writing as a practice: “One in a row”

It’s easy to say, “I don’t have enough time.” There is always something else to be done. You might be afraid to get the words out. Or you might not want to take the time to get them right. These are all reasons to write more often.

My friend David Spinks just started a 100 posts in 100 days project. My first reaction whenever I see an “x posts in y days” post is to wonder about the quality of the posts, the process of making a post every day, and how I would feel when faced with the Empty Page.

The words of Ed Epping – an art teacher I had in college – pop into my head at that point. “Just do 100 drawings. You’ll know at the end whether any of them are good.” The point is to do, not to wonder about doing. Hats off to Spinks for taking the pledge to write every day.

Writing on an empty page or post or idea is challenging because you are committing to an idea that’s not fully done. By writing, you make ideas real. The struggle of getting that idea out shouldn’t always be hidden.

So here’s to that struggle. I haven’t been writing enough lately. I need to take more time to make ideas real. Writing these words is the first step in that direction. And that’s “one in a row.”


5 thoughts on “Writing as a practice: “One in a row”

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  1. Love this. Thanks for sharing the perspective Greg.

    I think Ed had it right. Especially with creative endeavors like art or writing, there’s no way of telling what’s going to be high quality. Sometimes the simplest things have the largest impacts. Sometimes the longest most in depth things have very little impact. The goal is to just start creating.

    Let me know if you want to join in the challenge. Few good people partaking (=

  2. Great to have you along for the 100 post ride Greg! And love that quote. Just need to get them done. Then we can see what has impact, as well as how far we have come as writers.

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