3 Counter-intuitive ways to use Pinterest

Build a board around an idea

Pinterest is an addictive, visually-oriented way to highlight ideas, arrange and gather images, and understand what memes, colors, and things appeal to your friends and to the marketplace as a whole.

You might be tempted to just “PIN. ALL THE THINGS” and spend lots of time endlessly scrolling the service, and here are three ways you can use Pinterest to find information in new and different ways.

1. search for a concept, not just a person or a thing

Pinterest allows you to search for ideas in addition to people or things. Try searching for something abstract, like freedom and see what you find. You’ll find like-minded individuals (or not-so-like-minded individuals) and people who have expressed your idea in different ways.

2. Find the people who are talking about a meme or a thing

When you’re interested in a certain topic, you may start to see it everywhere. I just started using a Standing Desk, so I used Pinterest to search for all mentions of standing desk to see if there were great setups to learn from and people who were interested in the topic

3. Set up a board to capture ideas on a topic

Pinterest isn’t necessarily set up to be an idea capture, but in a way grabbing pins to link to articles and notes that also happen to have appealing pictures is a perfect method of combining the visual simplicity of Pinterest with the power of Evernote or other note-taking methods.

How are you using Pinterest in an intuitive (or counter-intuitive) way?


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