is your product line too complicated?

Simple Thai

Originally uploaded by gregmeyer

Have you ever noticed the restaurants in your area that stand out because of their simplicity? One local restaurant in the International District (Simply Thai, on 5th and Jackson) caught my eye recently with their fixed prices ($5 curry), limited selection, and colorful menu.

The menu, pictured here and chalked on their wall, makes it very easy for you to decide by showing you what the food looks like, when it’s available, and suggests both the ingredients and the level of spice. The trick – most of these dishes are available every day, but you will get much much faster service if you order the special of the day.

Simple Thai gets packaging and marketing. Even though the component parts (curry, rice, meat, and vegetables) are quite similar, they’ve made their limited menu colorful, enticing, and available. What can you do with your product line to promote scarcity, help people know what to order, and to improve customer satisfaction?


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