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If you don’t launch the product, the kitten gets it!

Office kitten

Originally uploaded by gregmeyer

Sometimes, the world of the lean startup feels like the world as experienced by a kitten — everything’s exciting, we make big movements and try to catch every shiny thing that comes our way. And other days, we just have to take a nap.

Having just been through a couple of hectic sprints, I had the chance today to take a breather and think about the last couple of weeks: some big launches, exciting days, long nights, and great teamwork. The key factor in all of this? The ability to maintain the excitement that our one-day office kitten showed when he sat on my keyboard (all of my emails that day looked like erhi;wr;ehpi4t43tp) and the discipline to make sure that the product still got done and shipped.

So, the idea for the day? Keep the kittenish wonder; pounce on some stuff even if you’re not sure you can make the leap, and make sure to catch the mouse.


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