Escaping the Echo Chamber

I’m headed this week for GlueCon in Denver, where I hope to escape the echo chamber and talk to potential customers, interested partners, and people just plain curious enough to listen. I’ll be talking about Gist, to be sure, but also there to learn from amazing people and to get a sense of the trends in the Cloud Computing space and in the data aggregation world overall.

There are a few things I’d like to explore from people at Glue:

1) how are businesses messaging their move into the cloud?  It’s clear for IT professionals why cloud infrastructure makes sense, but not always as clear for customers

2) what do customers expect from the cloud?  There are great new capabilities being built there, and it’s interesting to see once the benefits are clear why people might want to use these capabilities.

3) And finally, what new cool stuff is out there in the wild?

I love going to conferences because it’s a chance to stop listening to the usual sources of feedback and to get new sources of feedback. Also, I have no idea what I will learn. Looking forward to it and and will definitely have some new ideas to share later this week.


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