We should all ride more buses

We should all ride more buses. Seriously. Since I started riding the bus full time, I’ve had more time to read, been more responsive to email, and had some time back in my day to just watch the world go by.

What can you learn from riding the bus? Patience, for one. No matter how many times I hope the bus will get there faster, it usually doesn’t. This forces me to remember to plan ahead if I want to get where I’m going on time.

Riding the bus also teaches me that close examination of the world is a worthwhile thing. I now have an intenal clock that tells me when we should be passing over the 520 bridge. I enjoy seeing the “regulars” who ride the same route every day.

And occasionally, a rainbow or a conversation with a pleasant stranger is a welcome surprise. As I write this post on the bus, I have renewed appreciation of the part of my life I get back by riding the bus instead of driving to work.


One thought on “We should all ride more buses

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  1. You’ll get no argument from me. Busing is often pleasant and time-efficient … though, to maximize one’s personal sense of smug superiority, it’s hard to beat commuting by running or biking!

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